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When it comes to buying a phone, people take their time to study the features the phone has to know if it is what they are looking for. Do they give the same effort and time when it comes to choosing a financial planner?

Do they even know their expectations, particularly when they have decided to meet up with a financial planner? With financial planning, one can form their future, securing and giving significant values to their money that has been hard-earned.

It is however sad to say that people don’t get their financial plan right.

Some even ignore it.

There is a strong need for people to start finding a proper financial planner so that their finances can be properly managed. For those that are new to this, they might not know what to expect when they meet up with a financial planner. In this article, certain things will be discussed that will get them better informed.


The Reason You Should Be Ready before Meeting up With a Financial Planner

The only way you can select the proper financial planner that will help you to easily achieve your financial goal is you do your groundwork. By being prepared, you can have a clearer view of your finances and the issues you have with it.

This is important because having a full grasp of your finances will enable you to have an idea of the areas your financial planner can be of help. If you can answer these questions then you probably have a better understanding of your finances:

What investment schemes are you using?

For short and long-term gains do you certainly know where you can put your money? What plans and schemes have you set out to help you retire in the future? If you struggle to answer these questions, then they are the financial issues that you have.

Others things to consider are your tax management plan, your finances (investment and savings inclusive), and how you can have a happy retirement. To be well advised there is a need for a clear depiction of your financial circumstances.

Have a Clear Expectation

You should figure out the kind of advice you need. It could be in a specific area such as investment, tax or retirement planning or it could be a full financial plan covering all important areas.
Given your present financial condition, the right financial planner should be able to provide you with the proper solutions.

Make a List of Your Goals

Why not have your goals written down and present it to your financial planner.

You should list both the short and long-term goals.

The goals could be any of the following:


Paying your child’s schooling fee

Preparing for your child’s marriage

Specifying a period to finish your mortgage payment

Creating Wealth

Retiring early and planning the retirement

Buying your own home

Improving your insurance

Meeting your health cost

Improving your investments


You Should Know This:
A good financial plan should secure your investment and produce realistic returns without having to put you through a lot of risks. The nature of the risk you take can change depending on the time and state of affairs.

Your financial planner should be aware of your risk-taking nature.

Understand the services provided to you, the scope of the service and the cost involved.

For specific strategies chosen for you that you don’t understand, you should not waver to ask for clarifications from your adviser.

Should you not be contented with an investment solution or plan, don’t consent to it.

A workable solution should depend on estimated inflation, return on investment, savings, earnings and expenditures.


Some financial planners only charge a fee which is a compensation for the service they offer you as they do not sell any financial services or products for additional money. Some others charge commissions so you should ensure they don’t sell you products and services that you don’t desire.

So What Follows?

Planning your finance does not equate to buying a product, it is a process. When you meet with the financial planners you would have the opportunity to know more about them and the investment firm. You get to know the rough idea of your financial plan and make preparations for prospective communications. Follow-ups and clarifications can be done through the phone or in a subsequent meeting. Since it’s your money, family and future, you should take time to choose a financial planner. Before you choose a financial planner, you should ensure that: They can solve your problem

They can meet your short and long-term goals

They are trustworthy


Choosing the right planner helps you to boldly achieve your goals with a financial plan that is workable. The process might seem difficult at first but with time it gets easier. Getting familiar with the process and expectations, meeting with the financial planner becomes easy.

Planning Your Finance for a Better Tomorrow

To get ahead you have to book an appointment with the financial planner. You can agree to meet face to face or even do a video call on Skype. You should freely reach out to a financial expert for help. It is time to overcome your financial fears and take hold of your finances, securing your family and your investments. You can easily find out more than what you have already read in this article at